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When it comes to roofs and the options you have, the variety is larger than you think. You can go for the traditional asphalt, or bet for more expensive options such as slate. Now, you need to think about what are you trying to get and the benefits you need from your roofing system. In the case of the previous options, slate is quite expensive and although it is beautiful, it does not provide all the benefits you have in mind.

Asphalt is cheap, but it does not last as much as other options. A proof of this is the existence of metal roofs. These days, people are starting to love them and for very good reasons:

  • They last for decades—over 40 and even 60 years.
  • They are cost-efficient.
  • Durability is outstanding.
  • And come with a large variety of designs and options.

Most of the time, the initial cost is a bit higher if you compare it to asphalt. However, when you think about how much you will save long-term and even sometimes at the beginning, there is no doubt it is completely worth it. But what about the aesthetics element? At Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team, this is the most common question among previous, current, and possible clients. And we understand why.

Metal roofing was not considered the best option when it came to styles and designs. It used to look very dull and plain since it is all about installing panels. But this has changed over the years. Right now, you can choose any color, design, and go for different styles depending on the structure of the property, what you are looking for, and the system that fits your needs better. Besides, it does not come in panels only. You can also find metal shingles and tiles, while also having the option of tapered panels. All it takes is good contractors and experts that will make good use of the materials you will acquire for your new system.

When and where should you install metal roofs? 

People tend to believe that cities with hot weather are not the best for metal roofs. Well, this is not true anymore. In the past, the metal did tend to conduct heat and make things unbearable for the people inside the property. However, since the coating layer and extra elements included in the installation and metal panels, tiles or shingles themselves, play an important role in the results, heat is not a problem anymore. Instead, metal roofs are known for cooling the property and allowing people to obtain a new benefit: energy-efficiency.

Metal roofing systems were already amazing with heavy rains and snow, so this kind of climate is also in check with this roof option. Now, the system you choose influences a lot the result for both the aesthetics and functional elements. To begin with, there are five different materials you can use: copper, zinc, aluminum, steel, and tin. Some metals are better depending on the system you choose. This topic is quite long since every material and even system—after you choose one—come with a large variety of options. First, every material has its perks:

  • Aluminum is resistant to salt-water corrosion and its longevity is outstanding.
  • Copper can last even longer than aluminum and it is very soft with a low melting temperature.
  • Tin is not really applied anymore unless the client requests it, but it has the basic benefits such as longevity and durability.
  • Zinc is the one that lasts the most among all the materials and its resistance to corrosion is amazing.
  • Steel comes with three different variations: galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel, being the first one the most common.

In the case of zinc, we are aware that many people have a bad concept of it. However, if the corrosion and rust are present only after a few years, the problem is not the material itself but rather the installation, coating, and in the type of climate, it was installed. You need to make a wise decision based on the climate conditions before anything else to guarantee the longevity of the roof. Otherwise, you will be part of the group of people that complain about an incredible roofing system although it was their fault at the beginning—and from the company that helped them to install it. From here onwards—after choosing a material—, you can make decisions such as using tiles, shingles, or panels according to the design and style you want.

What role do we play in this field? 

Every single role is covered for our experts and contractors: your advisors and the staff that will take care of the installation, repairs, and maintenance. These roles are as important as the phase of decision making to guarantee the best result for the roofing system. Fortunately for you, we are not the type of professionals that do anything the client wants when we know it will not be the best option or even a good one. 

Do not get us wrong, if you have expectations and preferences, we will respect them and follow up. But not without advising and recommending you better options in both cost, aesthetics, and functional aspects. That being said, installing any type of metal roofing system takes the best experts in order to guarantee that the roof will last as much as the materials promise it. Therefore, do not take lightly the task of going for this option and allow us to help you since the very start. 

We can provide more information about the systems available, or you can have a look at the rest of the services and choose the one that fits what you are looking for. Whatever it is, always remember we will be here. Metal roofing systems will never disappoint and we can guarantee you this thanks to all the years we have been working with them, the reviews from our clients, and people in general. And our own experience in our offices and homes. 

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