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Slate is the most popular roofing system among people, especially homeowners that are looking for a stylish design. However, it is also the most expensive one and the impossible dream for many that cannot afford it or prefer to not spend all that money. The last ones tend to sacrifice their preferences and go for other options such as clay or concrete tiles. They are not the same and we assure you that despite being similar, you can notice the difference in the material not only in appearance but also longevity and durability.

Now, what if we tell you none of these options are the best one out there when we consider all the previous benefits plus cost? Believe it or not, you can get the same result with a much cheaper and efficient option: stone-coated steel. This roofing system is outstanding in imitating slate or clay tiles. And we dare to say that it is even better since it can last for over 30 years while the others around 20 or 25. Besides, the maintenance is low does not have to be performed too often. Repairs are not that common either, and it is less dangerous when it has been damaged. Don’t get us wrong. We also believe slate and clay are beautiful, but when we think about all the benefits and elements, should we really choose them over this steel option? We don’t think so. You might be skeptical if you are new with the general concept of metal roofing systems. But if you are not, you only need to answer the questions related to this metal roof type.

We at Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team can clarify any doubt you have and answer all your questions. We are certain that you have many of them, and it is only natural to want real facts, proofs, and proper explanations of how this system works. We would love to help with it, and once you have decided to get it for your commercial or residential property—most commonly installed in the second one—, our contractors and experts will be there to handle the project.

Is it a lot cheaper than other systems?

Without any doubt. We have crossed paths with many people that thought stone-coated steel was way too expensive and therefore, not worth it at all. But once we let them know the real price for acquiring and installing it, they dropped the idea of other systems. You can get stone-coated steel tiles, trim, and nails for $3.50 to $5 per sq. ft.

When it comes to installation, a reliable and experienced company like us can offer amazing prices such as $6 or $7 per square foot. Depending on the design and specific stone-coated you choose, it can get more expensive. Remember, the roofing system comes with different options since the coating used varies and the entire installation will depend on the structure as well. Yes, there is a lot to consider when we talk about costs and prices. But we still can guarantee you it will be cheaper than other systems. And even if you end up paying the same, you are still gaining. After all, you will obtain a longer life-cycle and save money in repairs and maintenance.

Can you notice the difference between it and slate or clay?

There will always be something different about it. Keep in mind that you are not using slate or clay in the first place. However, it is nearly impossible to notice it unless you have a very critical eye or know everything about them just like us.

In short, you will not have to worry about not being the same. The premium looks obtained from slate, clay and architectural shingles can be perfectly imitated with stone-coated steel roofs as long as the installation also meets its role. With roofs, the installation is always 50% of the final result.

For metal roofing systems—especially this one—, the percentage goes from 50 to 80. You can have incredible materials, but using and placing them wrongly will end the result you deserve and want. Leaving behind the fact of noticing a difference and focusing more on the benefits, remember that steel will not give you problems when it comes to cracking, splitting, or absorbing water. Which usually gives property owners a hard time due to the moisture produced due to the last possibility.

Can we meet your expectations with the installation?

Absolutely. Our experts, contractors, and staff in general, have been working in this field for over 20 years. All of them are experienced and for our new personnel, we make sure to train them properly before leaving them as the leaders of any project. We are very meticulous about our job and the services we offer.

Stone-coated steel roofs are part of the most requested roofing systems in our company and thus, we have invested a lot of time in improving our capabilities in delivering the best. We will not disappoint in any system or service you require. But focusing on this one, we assure you more than anything else that every coin spent will be worth it at the end of the day. Not only because of our services and how qualified and talented our experts are. But also due to the incredible and stunning system, you will decide to install it in your property.

In addition, if you are someone who worries about the environment and saving energy, you will love it even more. It is eco-friendly and energy-efficient since it can be recycled, and it is amazing to cool properties located in cities with hot weather. The information, benefits, and reasons why you should choose it is a lot. We can provide you with every detail by contacting us. You are free to call, email, or visit us anytime at our offices in Tampa, Land O’ Lakes, and many other cities in and near Hillsborough County. Also, we will help you to make the decision according to your budget but mostly your preferences and needs.

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