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Metal roofs are popular among commercial properties. However, homeowners are starting to notice they can get the same results and benefits—even extra ones—from it compared to other options. What worries most of them is the aesthetics part and how it will stand the durability and longevity tests. If you are not well-informed about this system in particular, here is a huge spoiler: it is incredible for everything you want and need.

First, let’s talk about the aesthetic part. Metal roofing systems come in a large variety of colors, designs, styles, and shapes. To be more specific about the last aspect, you can cut and bend them however you want or like. It is not a simple task and this is why it should always be installed by professionals and well-trained contractors. But continuing with the benefits, the aesthetics will not be a problem if you make the right choice after some research and advice from experts. When it comes to durability, longevity, and everything you look for besides how it looks, it is even more impressive.

Metal roofs are proven to last for over 40 years and even 60 compared to clay, concrete, and even slate that have a life-cycle of 25 or 30 years. It is not something many people know since they do not consider the possibility of having a roofing system for so long. Of course, it does require maintenance and some repairs just like any other roof. But the investment, frequency of maintenance, and repairs are low. You cannot go wrong with it and to be sure of this, we can show you some results. Our company Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team can be your advisor and expert in charge of installing it thanks to all the professionals we have under our wings.

We will ensure that your roof lasts as much as possible with proper installation, repairs, and maintenance. Not many people in Tampa and nearby cities and communities can guarantee the results we deliver at a low cost or according to your budget. But before jumping to hiring us, we know you need to be certain about metal roofing and if it is what you want and need.

Why choose it over other roofing systems?

We already gave you the main reasons, so let’s move onto facts and examples. The investment in metal roofing systems is low, and people might deny this after some reading that did not take more than a few minutes. To understand why it is cheap instead of expensive as most people believe, you must know there are 5 different types of metal roofing materials:

  1. Copper.
  2. Aluminum.
  3. Zinc.
  4. Steel.
  5. Tin.

The last one is not as used as the previous 4, but it stays relevant for some projects. Now, moving onto what really matters, all the options have different prices. You can go from low-cost to standard or high-cost. We will not lie to you and see that every metal roof is cheaper than others when things are just like any other roofing system: you can get the cheapest, the standard, or most expensive one. However, all of them provide the same benefits and it ends up being more about the results you want to achieve in the aesthetics element and your preferences at the moment of choosing.

Yes, all of them guarantee long service life and endure heavy rains, snow, and even extreme heat despite what people believe. A secret behind the efficiency and effectiveness of metal roofing is the coating used for each system. You also have many options that will go according to the climate of the city and your needs. Heat can be prevented with a nice coating layer and since maintenance sometimes includes recoating or you can do it whenever it is necessary, this will not change over the years. Therefore, there is no need to worry about its weather-resistance and how long it will last. Besides, replacement is not always necessary and you have extra options that can do the job when decades have passed or the roof has been severely damaged. One of those options is retrofitting or re-roofing.

Will it look dull or just the same as any other metal roof? 

The beauty of metal roofs is that you can use the panels as you like. Cutting and bending them is part of obtaining a specific design and style. If you think about the options you have compared to other roofing systems, it is more versatile at the moment of obtaining a unique design. However, if you are not too worry about this but rather want to copy another roof option without having to spend so much money or with more durable material, you have metal tiles and shingles as well. Also, tapered panels are quite popular for those that own properties with a structure that requires them. 

It is not easy to obtain, but it is for sure possible and the result will be stunning. To make it simple and answer the question right away: no, it will not look just the same and it can be as unique as you want it to be. Of course, everything has limitations and metal roofing is not the exception when you put it next to other systems. But you will find yourself attracted to the possibilities and what you can achieve with your imagination and the right experts and professionals helping you with the project. To achieve the results you want, just make sure you always go for the experts that can deliver what you are looking for. 

Metal is easier to install, probably the easiest roofing system in the market. But it does not make it less dangerous and more possible for homeowners to do it themselves without any experience, training, and equipment. We are right here for you and our contractors are available in over 10 different cities and communities. If you are interested in more information and extra services, you are welcome to contact us and ask as many questions as you have in your mind. 

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