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Making sure your property looks stunning and will not give you headaches in the future takes a lot of work. You will have to choose the right materials, designs, and styles for all the different areas or parts of it you want to remodel or replace. Do you have a new project in your hands? Things will be just the same. Therefore, what we can tell you is to take your time in considering and comparing the different options you are given.

Do not let yourself get influenced by costs, popularity, and more, when you could be able to find much more than you expect in options you never thought about before. This advice comes from a very realistic situation. You see, roofs are one of the most important parts of the residential or commercial property—just like the walls. This is why people put a lot of effort and attention into getting the best option for their structures according to the design and needs they want and have. But in the roofs’ world, many types and possibilities are available. What if we tell you that to get a modern look, you do not have to spend a fortune just like what most people believe? And you will not be sacrificing durability and longevity in the meantime. The same applies to more traditional and architectural styles you might be looking for. Now, instead of slates, asphalt, concrete, and more, you have the option of metal roofing systems. Those systems are incredibly durable and can last for over 50 years with proper maintenance and repairs whenever they are needed.

The best part is that none of the last two parts need to be done periodically nor it is normal to have many repairs happening at once. Metal roofs come in a large variety of colors, designs, styles, and materials that give you over a dozen options to get the one that adjusts to your desires and needs. Part of guaranteeing the quality and style of the metal roof relays on the professionals and contractors handling the installation. It is not a mystery for anyone that a single mistake during installation can come with severe problems in the future or early repairs such as leaks. This applies even more to metal roofing systems since they are easy to install, but due to this, people tend to try doing it by themselves when the right and best option is to contact experts.

To have the best results for your new roof or need to either repair it, perform maintenance, replace an old one or retrofit it, make sure you call us. Our company, Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team, is qualified, certified, and experienced in working with any type of metal roofing system. Which means you can count on us regardless of the type you want and decide to install. There are several details and elements you should take your time to know to make a well-informed decision about your roof. For this, our team will help you by providing advice and telling you why some options are better than others for what you want.

We care about the picture you have in mind for the aesthetics of the property, but we will always put first your needs unless you want to sacrifice some of them. However, this is usually not necessary when you go for metal roofing. That being said, there are many services available in our company that cover all the needs of commercial and residential owners.

We do more than installing and repairing

The most requested services in our company focus on installation and repairs. After all, people are starting to notice how amazing metal roofs are and want to give them the opportunity they deserve and will not make them disappointed. Our contractors are outstanding in installing all the different systems in the market and will do their best to deliver the exact design and style you want to achieve with them. When it comes to repairs, you need to know they usually do not take many days to handle. And yes, we are talking about any kind of repair unless the damage is so severe that will take some extra time. 

Overall, a well-installed metal roof should not make you go around with critical problems since most of them are present due to any panel, shingle, or even tile misplaced. With us, you will not have to worry about a bad installation and if we ever make a mistake, rest assured our team will make it up for you in no time. Now, what are the repairs you might need then? 

Most of them are related to fasteners out of place or that require replacement. Also, rust and some leaks are the most common things to deal with. All of this can be handled in a couple of hours as long as the weather helps and you will have your roof like new. Besides these services, you will find replacements, retrofitting or re-roofing, and very specific ones for some metal roofing systems:

Metal Roof Replacement
Re-roofing and retrofitting
Commercial and Residential Metal Roofing
Standing Seam Metal Roof
Tapered Panels Metal Roof
Other services

Where to access our services

One of our main goals is to give the opportunity to anyone to access our services. Many people end up employing inexperienced and unqualified contractors and companies in the field due to the fewer options they have available. Sometimes, it is not about having to choose from different options that look good but rather needing to go for the one that looks less bad. Does it make sense? We are sure it does. 

Therefore, we focused part of our efforts in thinking about how to help as many people as possible for them to avoid both situations. We only found one solution: offer our services in different areas. Most of our previous, current, and we are sure future clients as well, were and are worried about having to pay our team for a trip to their properties because we are not close to them. But this is not true at all. 

If you live in Tampa or have your property located there, you already know you can count on us for the safest and the best metal roofing services. But if you live in cities around it, in all Hillsborough County and near it, you can have us as your contractors. We do have our main offices in Tampa, but we have expanded them over the years and making it possible to provide services to over 10 different communities and cities. Thus, there is no need to worry about not having a reliable and experienced company near you nor to pay for a trip. 

Some of the cities and communities include Lutz, Westchase, Citrus Parks, Land O’ Lakes, and Wesley Chapel. You can find a better description of the services we provide in different cities by searching for the one that corresponds to yours on our website. If it does not appear, you can ask our personnel to let you know if the services are available or the options you have to access them.

What is the first step to install, re-roof, replace, or repair a metal roof? 

Inspection without a doubt. Many people run from the idea of installing a new roof or performing any needed or a wanted project. And this is due to the money that has to be spent in an inspection. However, it is completely necessary.

No one should work in a roof that has not been inspected beforehand since not knowing its real condition only leads to accidents or a ‘bad diagnose’ of the problem. With metal roofing systems, people underestimate how hard it can be to deal with any of the previous services we mentioned before. Especially installing or replacing since the metal roof is known for being able to install it over an existing roof. Don’t get us wrong, metal roofs are the easiest ones to install, but that does not mean you can or should do it by yourself. Continuing with the inspection, in our company is mandatory if you want to install, repair, replace, or re-roof one.

Maintenance is not included in this since we both understand what it is all about and it is very much an inspection at the same time. We are able to provide some information and even estimated cost according to what you explain to us or by having a simple look at the roof. But it will be 100% accurate if you let our contractors conduct an inspection. Don’t worry, our inspections are free are you are not obligated to hire our services after it—although we are sure you will end up wanting our contractors working on your roof.

Pros and cons of metal roofing 

We always encourage people to go over the cons and pros of roof options in order to know if they are making the right and best decision. For metal roofs, we will start right here with you. In this way, you can have basic and crucial knowledge about any of the systems available and why you should or not—mostly should—install one for your property. First, metal roofing comes with more benefits than anything else. This is something you can keep in mind all the time since it means the pros will always be more than the cons:

  • It is lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • It works perfectly with any climate or weather.
  • It does not have to been mandatorily replaced after several years.
  • You have different materials and options from where you can choose when it comes to design, style, metal, and needs.

The fact that any of these systems regardless of the final material you choose are light, makes the task of working with them quite enjoyable and not difficult at all. Yes, the main reason why they are easy to install is definitely their weight and how they can be manipulated into different shapes thanks to cutting and bending. Now, unlike what most people believe, metal roofs can last for over 60 years if they are well-taken care of and properly repaired when it is needed. When you compare the life-cycle with the rest, you will notice it doubles or even triples the life-cycle of materials such as slate or clay. And, one of the most important parts for our clients: the cost.

A metal roof can be expensive, let’s make this clear before anything else. But that is just if you go for the most expensive option and installation service. Metal roofing systems come in regular, standard, and premium options just like most roofs, and you do not need the premium one most of the time when the rest can provide the same benefits when a proper installation is performed. Therefore, no, you will not spend a fortune in installation nor repairs and re-roofing. As for the rest, we have to clarify a few details:

  • Metal roofs stand heavy rains and snow while also being resistant to hot weathers with the right coating.
  • They are not noisy since it can be dealt with by adding an extra element which is usually included in the installation.
  • They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly since recycling most of the roof is possible and helps to cool down properties.

Moving onto the cons of installing this roof, we will be quite short. But this is good news. We do not want to lie about metal roofs being perfect since everything has perks. However, we are sure you will love it despite the cons they bring with them:

  • Expansion and contraction are common in some metal materials.
  • Inconsistency of color match.
  • It can dent.
  • It will be more expensive than other options.

Before you get confused with the last cons, let us explain it further. We already mentioned you have a large variety of options and you do not have to spend a fortune for a metal roof. But keep in mind it may be more expensive if you compare it with options such as asphalt. In this case, the longevity and durability of the roofing system are what will determine what you need. Asphalt will always be cheaper than metal, but metal is incredibly cost-competitive when it comes to other materials. And, in the long-term, you obtain better results in the present and future.

Yes, it will be an investment if you compare it with the cheapest options, but our company will make sure to find the most cost-efficient system for your budget, needs, and desires. That being cleared, the rest of the cons can be handled with proper installation and choices. Expansion and contraction are not common when you go for the right material. Among those, you have steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc—tin is also known but not commonly used nowadays. You can go for the proper one depending on the climate of the city or community plus adding the right coating layer. The inconsistency of color is a minor problem and our company makes sure to always provide the perfect match when repairing, replacing, or maintaining the roof for you.

The denting part is probably the worse of your worries. However, options such as stone-coated steel roofing can prevent it even more if you are not willing to take the risk with others. Keep in mind they are not common whatsoever. Unless something really heavy falls in your roof, there is no chance for this to happen. And other roofing systems could give you worse situations since many of them would break due to a heavy object.

We are available 365 days a year 

Fell in love with metal roofs already? We are happy to hear that! Our company always has its doors open for anyone who needs any service and wants to work on its metal roofing project right away. However, if you still have doubts about some services, metal materials, systems, or options in general, take your time to read the information on our website or contact one of our experts. You can find detailed information about each service and city—as mentioned before. 

You can also request your free inspection anytime and let our contractors assist you and handle any process. There is a lot to consider and we are sure you will want to be 100% certain that this is what you want. We are sure it is once you consider all the cons, pros, details, and options. When you do, just make a call, visit our offices or send an email. Anything will do!

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Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team is a name you can trust and rely on. Our metal roofing services were limited in Tampa, FL when we started. But with time our company has expanded and is now serving over ten locations within Florida.

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