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Something that scares property owners for both commercial or residential ones is the need of having to repair a roof. Leaks are part of the most common problems in any property, and they can be annoying to handle due to what they entail. Climbing to the top of the property and making sure you will not fall from the roof takes a lot of work, and let’s not forget how dangerous it can be without the proper equipment and care. Now, if you make it to this point, this does not guarantee you will be able to repair the roof properly and there is a high percentage of probabilities you will make it even worse.

If you do not believe us, just look at several videos on the Internet or your neighbor’s property. It is common and although some repairs can be performed by yourself, most of the time it is not the best option. Also, the roofing system you have installed will tell you if you can or not repair it alone or even consider the idea. Metal roofing systems are easy to repair when it comes to walking on them and getting to the source of the problem. But how do you get the problem solved?

If you are experiencing a leak—or more than one—, the process will not be as easy as you think. You need the right materials and equipment to cover the hole or make sure the leak will not continue after it was covered. Some people end up damaging the metal roof even more without even noticing. Therefore, what is the best choice you can make? Go for a professional.

Never take for granted the task you have in your hands when it comes to roofs. Any roof repair project needs to be handled with safety as the major concern, and homeowners or business owners do not usually have the right equipment to guarantee this. If you are having problems with your metal roof of any type, design, or material, make sure to contact us. Our company Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team can help you with any repair that needs to take place.

With metal, leaks will be the lesser of your concerns since they are not that frequent. Maintenance usually helps a lot to prevent them—which is why you should not forget about it. But other repairs that involve changing an entire panel—or several ones—or going for new shingles and covering certain areas are problems you will not want to face.

What kind of repairs could you need for your metal roof?

The number is larger than you think. Fortunately, they are not that common if the roofing system was installed properly and the maintenance is performed periodically. As we mentioned before, it helps a lot to preserve and guarantee the longevity and durability of the metal roof. Besides, the professionals handling the process should be able to deal with the smallest problems so they do not get worse in the future.

Now, what can you face when there is a repair that needs to take place? Besides leaks, you can face corrosion due to the wrong fastener type used to install or replace it. Unlike what most people believe, corrosion is not that common in metal roofs unless the right coating and elements were not used. In the case of fasteners, using the wrong wants will damage the metal with a chemical reaction.

This is the most common reason why seepage can take place. For this, changing the fasteners is the only option and, in the meantime, repairing the existing problems that came from them.Overall, fasteners are the ones that will give you the most problems:

  • Uplifting fastener.
  • Short fasteners.
  • Angles fasteners.

However, they can be prevented most of the time. Continuing, more serious problems include gutter in the stucco or inside the structure. These problems should not take place if the installation was properly done since they only take place when something is not placed in the right way. Rusted flashing, improper tie-in, incorrect offset, and more are just a small part of the repairs we can handle for you.

Keep in mind that having problems with metal roofing is not common at all. The probabilities of needing one in its entire time of use are high since you might need a very small one at some point. But compared to other options, it is amazing how much you can get from it without having to spend so much money at the beginning or during its installation.  If you ever have problems, remember we are here for you.

Our experts will handle any repair in the roof and there is no system we cannot work with. Since our professionals know very well how every metal roofing system works, there will be nothing to stop them from determining the problem and solving it in the blink of an eye.

Does it take a lot of time to repair it? 

Depending on the problem, it can take a few hours or days. However, those repairs are known for being quick as long as the weather helps with the process. Therefore, if you ever experiment with a delay in the repair project, rest assured that it will be only during the raining season. 

Besides, our contractors and experts make sure to finish as fast as possible without compromising the quality of the results. After all, we know you do not want us to spend an entire week in your property when you only want to enjoy the peace of your home or continue working without having to pay attention to the workers on your roof. 

We are your best option, and we promise that regret will never cross your mind when you bet your repairs on us. Just let us know your problem or allow our contractors to conduct a completely free inspection so they can determine the real damage and deal with it as soon as possible.

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